About us

My name is Micheal and I am the webmaster/owner of the https://e-pokerchips.com. I have been playing poker for about 12 years and Texas Holdem almost exclusively for about the last 8.

I play online, in casinos and in private games with friends. However, the great majority of time I play online. It’s probably for some of the same reasons that you play online or have thought of playing online – convenience, the ease of which you can work on your game and that there really are some high quality online poker rooms and games available.

I started this website as I felt that while some sites did a pretty good job of providing Holdem info and strategy that somehow there was more that players needed. This is the motivation behind my site. I hope that I have provided that to you. I am always adding strategy info, articles and poker room reviews to help anyone looking to learn and improve at Poker online games.

When Online Poker burst onto the scene in the mid to late 90’s I had no desire to play online and did not. Eventually I did sign up at Party Poker and from there I began to enjoy playing online. I could play for 30 minutes, two hours, whatever fit my schedule.

Since that time I have played at many different online poker rooms. I played at some because I was genuinely curious about them and at others so that I would have personal experiences with the site before I could or could not recommend it to one of my website visitors. I have spent hundreds of hours of reading about Poker Strategy and invested a lot of time and money over the years playing.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit here and always look forward to hearing from you. Your comments, questions and suggestions are always appreciated. You can send them to me from my contact page.